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Post-doctoral position


Location: Paris , FRANCE

Neurosciences Cognitives et Imagerie Fonctionnelle Cérébrale / Cognitive Neuroscience and Functional Brain Mapping

(CNRS laboratory, UPR 640-LENA, Director : Line Garnero)




The Neurodynamics group of the Cognitive Neurosciences and Brain Imaging Laboratory seeks to fill one postdoctoral research position in the field of epilepsy and complex networks.

The successful candidate will perform computational and mathematical studies of the effects of neural connectivity (network structure) on the emergence of coherent brain dynamics (function) of epileptic patients.

The research will be performed in close collaboration with other teams of the European Project "Global Analysis of Brain Activities" (GABA) and will test theoretical hypotheses on the structure-function relationship against MEG, EEG, SEEG and multiunit recordings from epileptic patients. The Fellow will become part of an international research project focused on the study of how local interactions (at a cellular level) scale up to -and are modulated by- global synchronized dynamics in the brain (at the level of cortical networks). The ideal candidates will
have skills in applied mathematics/theoretical physics, good computational knowledge (MATLAB, C, C++) and interest in neurosciences.

The Fellowships will be allocated to the LENA lab, in Paris (France). The LENA includes researchers with strong expertise in statistical analysis of neurophysiological data, nonlinear dynamical systems, brain imaging, cognitive and clinical neurosciences. The institutional
position of the LENA (housed in La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital) allows an easy access to the different multimodality brain recordings.

More information on the lab activities is available at http://cogimage.dsi.cnrs.fr/.


Review of applications have begun on January 1st 2007 and will continue until position is filled. The position is founded for a period of 1 year. Salary is based on the CNRS post-doc grid.


Applicants should send their CV with two letters of references to Dr. Mario Chavez (email: mario.chavez@chups.jussieu.fr).


Generalities about the GABA project

The general objective of the GABA project is to quantitatively characterize local and long-range brain dynamics (and its interactions) involved in the emergence of higher cognitive functions and characterizing prominent neurological diseases, as Alzheimer's and epilepsy. Tools derived from the theory of complex systems, such as phase synchronization, multi-frequency correlation, information transfer and graph theory will provide an ideal theoretical foundation for this project. The other participants to the GABA project are:


Mario CHAVEZ, PhD Cognitive Neurosciences and Brain Imaging Laboratory (LENA)
CNRS-UPR-640. Hôpital de La Salpêtrière
47 Bd. de l'Hôpital.
75651 Paris CEDEX 13. FRANCE

Tel: (+33) 1 42 16 11 60
Fax: (+33) 1 45 86 25 37
Mail: mario.chavez@chups.jussieu.fr http://cogimage.dsi.cnrs.fr/