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Vision and Cognition group

Attention, Memory, Awareness, Social Cognition, Gaze, Emotions


People interact constantly with their physical environment and with other human beings. Vision yields the main stream of information from which we build our conscious and unconscious knowledge of the world and our affective perception of others.


Within the VIC group, we focus on the neuronal and cognitive mechanisms underlying:

- spatial attention and perceptual awareness

- social attention and emotion

- implicit and explicit learning


These questions are addressed in healthy and brain-lesioned human adults. We used an integrative approach combining the method of experimental psychology (behavioural responses and psychometric tests), neuropsychology and functional brain imaging. In particular, we use brain imaging methods of high-temporal resolution (electro- and magneto-encephalography, intracerebral EEG in epileptic patients) with the analysis of evoked potentials and oscillatory activities.






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