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Didier Dormont, MD


Professor of Neuroradiology

Director of the Cogimage team (with Catherine Tallon-Baudry)

Deputy Chief of the Department of Neuroradiology



Professor Dormont received the Master's degree in Physics from University of Paris 7 in 1984, the MD degree from University of Paris 5 - Descartes in 1986 and the "Habilitation à diriger des recherches" in 1996 from University of Paris 6.

He joined the Department of Neuroradiology of La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in 1986, where he is currently the Deputy Chief.


Contact information




Phone: +33 1 42 16 35 05
Fax: +33 1 42 16 35 15

Current Research Interests


Stereotaxy and computer-assisted intervention

3D digital atlas of the basal ganglia (with the BEBG team)

Studies on the precision of MR guided stereotaxy


MRI analysis

Segmentation of anatomical structures

Detection of white matter abnormalities


Neuroimaging of Alzheimer's disease

Computer-aided diagnosis, hippocampal morphometry



Peer-reviewed papers

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