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Guillaume Dumas, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow


PhD in Cognitive Science from University of Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6


Supervisors: Jacqueline Nadel and Jacques Martinerie (formerly Line Garnero).


Subject: "Neural correlates of synchroneous imitative interaction"



To contact me




To find my office, follow the instructions, here!

Phone: +33 1 57 27 40 17


Postal address:
Equipe Cogimage (ex-LENA CNRS UPR 640)
Bureau 1.007
47 bd de l'Hôpital
F-75651 Paris cedex 13

Current research interests


Nonlinear dynamics, hyperscanning, complex systems, non-parametrical statistics, social cognition, behavioral and neural synchronies, imitation, interindividual variability



Brain to brain communication via synchronous imitative interaction - PLoS ONE 2010
G. Dumas, J. Nadel, R. Soussignan, J. Martinerie and L. Garnero

From social behaviour to brain synchronization: review and perspectives in Hyperscanning - (in press)
G. Dumas, F. Lachat, J. Martinerie, J. Nadel and N. George

Towards a two-body neuroscience - (accepted)
G. Dumas



Entangled brains: toward an enactive approach of social cognition through hyperscanning
Riken BSI Summer School 2010(poster nominated for oral presentation)

Coupled human connectomes exhibit variety of dynamical properties
Les Houches Physics Summer School 2010 : Data driven dynamical networks

Going from one-brain to two-body neuroscience
Séminaire Cogimage sur l'Hyperscanning

Quand les cerveaux battent en rythme (synchronisation EEG vidéo)
Congrès du réseau d'ingéniérie Cogiter

Vers une neuroscience à deux corps
Séminaire Phiteco, "Technological otherness"



Entangled brains: toward an enactive approach of social cognition through hyperscanning - 16th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2010
G. Dumas, J. Martinerie, J. Nadel, R. Soussignan, M. Chavez and L. Garnero

Bringing real life in the laboratory: EEG hyperscanning of joint attention - Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting 2010
F. Lachat, L. Conty, L. Hugeville, G. Dumas, J. Martinerie and N. George

Other activities


Mathematics instructor at UPMC, Paris 6
Bachelor 1st year: Vectorial analysis
Bachelor 2nd year: Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Bachelor 3rd year: Matrix computation and optimization


Radio chronicler in Cognitive Science for Recherche en Cours on Alligre FM 93.1
Digital art: Project EyeVibes
Former president of Cognivence, the association of Parisian students in cognitive science.





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