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Workshop Brain Dynamics

29-30 November

ESPCI 10 rue Vauquelin 75005 Paris.
Amphithéatre Langevin, Entrance N, 2nd floor

Thursday, 29 november

9-9h30:             Welcome

9h30-10h30 :   Miles Whittington (UK)

                           Multiple coexistente network rhytms in neocortex

Coffe Break

11h-12h :         Marius Usher (UK)

                          Induced neural synchrony and attetional selection without awareness                  


14h-15h :        Quian Quiroga (UK)

                          Grandmother cells in the human medial temporal lobe?

15h-16h :         Shlomo Bentin ( Israel)

                          Distinct neural mechanisms for face detection and configural encoding:
                          N170 and Gamma-band EEG activity

Coffe Break

16h30-17h30: Philippe Schyns (UK)
                           Dynamics of visual information integration in the brain to categorize
                           facial expressions


Friday, 30 november


9h30-10h30 :  Satu Palva (Finland)

                          The role of cross-frequency phase synchrony in human cognition

Coffe Break

11h-12h :       Alfons Schnitzler (Germany)                            

                       Oscillatory synchrony in the human sensorimotor system                                                                          


14h-15h:        Peter Uhlhaas (Germany)

                        Neural Synchrony as a Pathophysiological Mechanism in Schizophrenia                                                 

15h-16h:        Fernando Lopes da Silva (The Netherlands)

                        Brain electric/magnetic dynamics: the concepts of phase and synchrony                                                                         

Coffe Break








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