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Current position


Associate Professor,
Scientific Director, MEG Program
Department of Neurology
Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, USA
[link to new lab]




  • Models & methods for electromagnetic brain mapping using magneto & electroencephalography (MEG & EEG):

    • inverse problems, statistical inference, signal detection, data mining, estimation & analysis (BrainStorm project)
  • Magnetic Resonance image analysis with specific address to

    • the anticipation of stroke outcome using diffusion-weighted MR sequences (NEURiNFARCT project)
    • the problem of standardizing the brain in imaging group studies (my group participates to the BrainVAR action)

    See my group page for more



Current technical activities


Suggestion: a brief history of brain functional localization (in French)



Software projects


  • BrainStorm, a Matlab-based integrated software package dedicated to functional brain mapping using primarily MEG and EEG with a touch of MRI.
BrainStorm is a joint project between the Signal & Image Processing Institute at USC and the Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • NEURiNFARCT: a software toolkit to predict the final outcome of ischemic lesions from the acute stage of stroke, using image analysis of diffusion-weighted MR image sequences.

[NEURiNFARCT est un logiciel permettant de prédire l'extension finale d'un infarctus cérébral ischémique en phase aiguë d'un accident vasculaire cérébral (AVC), à partir de l'analyse de séquences d'images IRM de diffusion]











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