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The NEMESIS group no longer exists. You can visit the website of our new team ARAMIS at http://www.aramislab.fr.




signal and image processing for neuroscience

Neuroimaging and electrophysiology (MRI, EEG, MEG), shape models, segmentation, neurodynamics, network modeling, statistical learning, applications to epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, stroke




Team Leader  

Oliv Frisco


Olivier Colliot, PhD

CNRS Research Scientist (CR1), HDR

  • Morphometry and computational anatomy approaches
  • Statistical learning
  • Automatic segmentation algorithms
  • 7T MRI
  • Applications to Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, stroke, neurodevelopmental disorders







Claude Adam, MD, PhD


  • Neurology of Epilepsy
  • EEG


Mario Chavez, PhD

CNRS Research Scientist

  • Neural synchronization
  • Complex networks



Marie Chupin , PhD

Research Engineer

  • MRI segmentation
  • SACHA project: segmentation of the hippocampus
  • Ultra-high field MRI (7T)
  • Alzheimer's disease and related disorders
  • Epilepsy


Didier Dormont, MD

Professor of Neuroradiology

Chief Medical Imaging Department, Salpêtrière Hospital
  • Quantitative MRI
  • MRI acquisition
  • Stereotaxy
  • Neuroimaging of Alzheimer's disease



Sophie Dupont, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neuroanatomy


  • Multimodal imaging of Epilepsy
  • Functional MRI
  • Memory

Stanley Durrleman, PhD

Invited INRIA Researcher

  • Statistical models of brain anatomy
  • Registration
  • Atlas construction



Damien Galanaud , MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neuroradiology

  • MR spectroscopy
  • Imaging of white matter disorders


Dominique Hasboun, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neuroanatomy


Jacques Martinerie, PhD

CNRS Research Engineer

  • Dynamical neural systems
  • Brain computer interfaces


Yves Samson, MD

Professor of Neurology

Chief of the Stroke Department, Salpêtrière Hospital



Lionel Thivard, MD, PhD


  • Multimodal imaging of Epilepsy
  • Diffusion MRI, DTI

Associated platform engineers  



Eric Bardinet, PhD

CNRS Research Engineer

  • MRI registration and segmentation
  • MRI acquisition
  • Technical director of the MRI platform


Antoine Ducorps , PhD

IN2P3 Research Engineer

  • Technical director of the MEG platform
  • Software development


Denis Schwartz , PhD

INSERM Research Engineer

  • Project leader: software development
  • Scientific computing and networking
  • MEG acquisition

Romain Valabrègue , PhD

INSERM Research Engineer

  • MRI physics
  • MRI acquisition
Postdocs and associated members  



Yohan Attal, PhD

PhD in Signal Processing (University Paris 11)


  • MEG source imaging
  • Stroke & diffusion-weighted MRI
  • NeurInfarct software project




Guillaume Dumas, PhD

Ecole Centrale de Paris


  • Brain synchronies
  • Imitation

Geneviève Florence

Researcher at IMASSA

  • Electrophysiological characteristics of mental fatigue




Linda Marrakchi, PhD

  • Ultra high field MRI (7T)
  • Diffusion MRI


Charlotte Rosso, MD, PhD


  • Neuroimaging of stroke




Contact us if you are looking for a post-doc position in our group!



Technical staff



Chabha Azouani, MD

Clinical Research Associate

  • CATI project



Ali Bouyahia, MD

Clinical Research Associate

  • CATI project



Anne-Claire Coyne , PhD

Clinical Research Associate


François De Guio, PhD

Research engineer (MRI physics and protocols)

  • CATI project



Thomas Estienne

Administrative support

  • CATI project



Ludovic Fillon

Engineer (Software development)

  • CATI project



Sofia Honorio-Grand, PhD

Clinical Research Associate


Matthieu Perrot, PhD

Project manager

  • CATI project



Nicolas Vibet

Engineer (MRI protocols and software development)

  • CATI project


PhD students

Claire Boutet, MD


Chef de clinique, Salpêtrière Hospital

PhD advisors : Stéphane Lehéricy and Olivier Colliot

  • Imaging biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease



Claire Cury

Master in Computer Science, University Pierre et Marie Curie


PhD advisors : Olivier Colliot and Joan Glaunès


Thibaud Dumas

In collaboration with Emotion Center and DyCo Team

Master Neurosciences UPMC

  • Emotions and amygdala

Emilie Gerardin

Master MVS, ENS de Cachan

PhD advisor : Olivier Colliot

  • Morphometry of the hippocampus
  • Ultra-high field MRI (7T)

Thomas Samaille

ENSTA / KTH Stockholm

PhD advisors : Didier Dormont, Marie Chupin and Olivier Colliot

  • Automatic detection of vascular lesions on MRI

Stéphane Sockeel

PhD advisors : Line Garnero, Jacques Martinerie and Habib Benali

  • EEG-fMRI

Patricia Vargas

PhD advisors : Yves Samson and Charlotte Rosso

Master students



Former Members

Line Garnero, PhD

CNRS Director of Research

  • Director, Cognitive Neuroscience & Brain Imaging Lab (2005-2009)
  • MEG-EEG models & methods
  • Quantitative MRI analysis



Sylvain Baillet, PhD

CNRS Research Scientist

  • MEG-EEG models & methods
  • Dynamic image analysis
  • Imaging for the predictive outcome of stroke
  • BrainStorm Project

Now at McGill University



Guillaume Auzias

Master in Applied Mathematics

Université Pierre et Marie Curie

PhD advisor : Sylvain Baillet

  • DISCO project: diffeomorphic cortical registration

Now Postdoc at LSIS CNRS Marseille


Manik Bhattacharjee

Ecole des Mines de Nantes

PhD advisors : Didier Dormont and Eric Bardinet

  • MRI registration
  • Histological atlas of the basal ganglia

Now Postdoc at Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience


Rémi Cuingnet

Ecole Polytechnique

PhD advisors : Habib Benali and Olivier Colliot

  • High dimensional image classification
  • Alzheimer's disease
Now Research Engineer at Philips Healthcare



Benoit Cottereau, PhD


DEA Automatique & Traitement du Signal, Supelec

  • Hierarchical MEG/EEG source modelling
  • Fast retinotopic mapping

Now Postdoc at Stanford University


s Julien Lefèvre, PhD

Ecole Polytechnique

Imaging neural dynamics

  • Now Assistant Professor at University of Marseille

Now Assistant Professor at Aix-Marseille University

Sheraz Khan


Sheraz Khan

PhD advisors : Sylvain Baillet and Habib Ammari

  • New models for electric neural sources

Now Postdoc at Harvard University

François Laurent

INSA Rouen

PhD advisors : Geneviève Florence and Jacques Martinerie

  • Real-time classification of mental fatigue states using EEG, EKG and EOG


Now Postdoc at University of Madrid

q Anael Dossevi, PhD

Ecole Normale Supérieure

  • Imaging neural interactions
  • Now post-doc at Centre de Mathématiques & Applications, Ecole Polytechnique



Karim N'Diaye, PhD (with V. Pouthas)

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées

DEA de Sciences Cognitives [Paris VI, EHESS]  

  • Perception of time and rythms

Now Postdoc at ICM

Flo Florence Gombert, PhD

Université Technologique de Compiègne [Master Biomedical]


  • Electromagnetic brain mapping in epilepsy

Now Research Engineer at Guerbet Medical Imaging

karim j

Karim Jerbi, PhD

Now Research Scientist at Inserm (Lyon)


Zoé Cimatti, PhD


  • Fast-cortical oscillations in sensory-mortex cortex
  • Now with the University Hospital in Geneva

Yann Cojan, PhD [with V. Pouthas]

  • Time perception / Parkinson
  • Now with the University Hospital in Geneva



Olivier David , PhD


Now INSERM Research Scientist (Grenoble)


Nidiyaré Hevia, PhD

  • Prediction of stroke outcome

Now Assistant Professor at Université Nationale Autonome de Mexico


Pierre-Jean Lahaye, PhD

  • Modèles & méthodes pour une imagerie couplée IRMf - EEG
Carole Menuel, PhD

Université d'Evry Val d'Essonne : Physique fondamentale et modélisation Université Paris Val de Marne DEA génie biologique et médical



Fabrice Poupon , PhD


Now Research Engineer at Neurospin (CEA)



Sarah Montagne


Now Medical Student at University Pierre and Marie Curie



Jérôme Tessieras
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan


Now Medical Student at University Pierre and Marie Curie









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